“Westel is pleased to announce the availability of Unicom, a video-first and community-based collaboration experience that is unlike simple video products. No matter how far apart your team is, Unicom helps bring team work together.

Unicom has two modes of engagement: Meeting and Team. In both modes, users have one-click access to voice, video conferencing, chat and screen sharing.  Meeting Mode is your typical video conferencing tool. Users can easily join a Unicom meeting and when the meeting ends they can exit the application.Unicom takes a decidedly different approach in Team mode. When signing into Unicom, team members enter into a complete virtual open office workspace. Unicom acts as an always-on enablement tool that allows individual team members to choose the way they want to collaborate in real-time with the rest of the user’s community. Unicom Team mode empowers users to collaborate throughout the workday to discuss issues as they arise, resolve problems quickly, make decisions faster and engage more effectively.
To download and sign into the Unicom client or join a meeting with your browser, please click here.”