Security Solutions

Every day, a new threat is emerging that jeopardizes your valuable business data and the customer information you store. If your computer network’s security is breached, you risk not only the loss of mission-critical business data, but also exposure to legal liabilities and customer backlash that could damage or destroy your business. At Westel, we are here to help with security services that can protect your business’s valuable data and reputation from the latest threats.

Security Bundle

Westel’s Security Services combines a comprehensive portfolio of powerful security products with expert professional services. These represent a cost-effective security solution for all businesses that can detect and stop malicious traffic before it enters your network.

  • Basic services include: Firewall, Intrusion Protection, Denial of Service.
  • Premium services include: Virtual Private Network, Data Loss Prevention, URL Filtering and Antivirus Protection.

Our security options will substantially reduce the risk of liability through a solution that is easy to implement and available at a low monthly rate.

Dramatically improved security presence.

  • Compliance with security requirements such as HIPAA, PCI, NCUA, and local/state laws
  • Continuous, 24×7 protection against known and emerging threats
  • Low monthly rate, with no capital out-of-pocket