Broadband Solutions

Westel can provide all the speed you need. Our Business High-Speed Internet and Ethernet Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) offer exceptional speeds at affordable prices.

Business High-Speed Internet

your business has up to 20 users who need to download or stream large files, Westel’s Business High-Speed Internet is the perfect way for you to stay connected.

Benefits of High-Speed Internet

  • Reliable, cost-effective Internet access, ideal for business applications such as point-of sale, email, and web browsing
  • With download speed options up to 50 Mbps and uploads as high as 5 Mbps, High-Speed Internet grows as your business grows

Ethernet Dedicated Internet Access

If your business requires more robust performance from your Internet connection such as for website hosting, conference hosting, or the uploading of large files our Ethernet Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) is the right choice to meet your needs.

Ethernet DIA provides symmetrical bandwidth between you and the Westel Internet Point of Presence (POP) to ensure a high level of performance. Supported by our advanced fiber-optic network with redundant connections to multiple upstream providers and local and global peering partners, you can count on reliable connections that help Internet traffic reach their destinations quickly.

As your trusted partners in business communications, we’ll work with you to select the most cost-effective bandwidth to meet your current needs, and help you with service upgrades as your business grows.

Benefits of Ethernet DIA

Connects easily to your network with an Ethernet interface

Ethernet is also scalable – increase your bandwidth without installing additional ciruits or buying new equipment

Grows as your business grows

Features of Ethernet DIA


Static IP Address

Will allow remote access through VPN

On-going, free 24×7 local tech support

Switched Ethernet

Our Switched Ethernet service is the simplest, most efficient way to communicate between business locations. Using native Ethernet connections, your business can rely on this proven technology to support a full range of applications.

Switched Ethernet provides a dynamic, robust, and scalable data transport method of Internet access, with firewall protection for data security and the highest quality of service.

Benefits of Switched Ethernet

  • Easy implementation
  • Supports multiple customer sites and configurations
  • Plug-and-play flexibility and intelligent routing
  • Reduced need for protocol conversions and training
  • Choice of bandwidth options that best supports your needs now and into the future
  • Highest-quality connections with less downtime
  • Supported by a reliable and redundant network.

Features of Switched Ethernet

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Multiple speeds available
  • Four priority levels to support voice, video, messaging, client/server applications, and bulk-transfer applications

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

In today’s constantly changing business environment, effective communication among employees, worksites, and systems has become an increasingly critical factor for business success. But for businesses with many statewide remote locations, creating secure and reliable connections between offices can be a daunting task, not to mention an expensive one. Westel’s VPN service allows you to securely connect your company’s locations over a private, high-speed MPLS network. With VPN, you can deploy voice, data and video applications, all with different performance requirements, across a common network infrastructure using a variety of access methods, reducing operational complexity and saving money.

Benefits of VPN

Greater performance and efficiency

  • High quality of service
  • Reduced operational costs and complexity
  • Supports multiple customer sites, configurations and requirements
  • Allows remote access through VPN
  • Proven and secure

Features of VPN

  • Choice of access methods and bandwidths, including Ethernet, DSL, and T1
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 24/7 customer support




Smart Buildings

A smart building is always prepared, and you should be too.  What if we told you that your tenant could have a network connection up and running (including voice and data) the day they are scheduled to move in?  Not only will you be able to guarantee that but you can also deliver Westel’s included wifi through out common areas of your Smart Building at not additional cost to you.  A simple address validation with give us the information we need to get you on your way to providing your tenants what they want, simplified solutions leading to advanced communications.