Webinar – Moderator


What is Webinar Mode

Webinar Mode is designed for conference style meetings where a presenter is sharing their video and desktop with many users who are viewing the presentation.

This is an alternative to an Open meeting and allows for one or more Presenters to be seen by the Audience members, who are not seen or heard except through activation by the meeting manager.

Creation and Use of Webinar Meetings

Creating one of the Webinar modes is done simply by Selecting Webinar from the ‘Kind of Meeting’ drop-down in the booking form.  A normal Confirmation Message will be delivered to the meeting creators email inbox.

The meeting booking information will then be shown. From here you can get a calendar invite for Google or your default calendar application.

Joining the Meeting – Moderator

Promoting attendees to be a Presenter requires an Account with Moderator rights for the meeting. If you join a meeting and you are not a moderator, see below for information as to how to become a moderator.

Presenters don’t necessarily need to be Moderators, however being a Moderator is required to move a user from Audience to Presenters.

When you join your webinar meeting, another window will open in addition to the desktop client.

This is the Moderator window. To make yourself a presenter, drag your name from Audience to Presenters.ngs.

You can have as many Presenters as you’d like. They can all have their cameras on and perform desktop sharing just as in any other meeting.

As users raise their hands to ask a question they’ll be seen in the Green section in the middle.

To see what they may have typed for a question, hover over the person’s name with the mouse cursor. If the person wants to ask a question with Audio or Audio+Video, drag them to Presenters.

The User Experience

Your Community Members – At the scheduled time the meeting will appear in the main desktop client screen to be clicked on to enter.

Other Community Members or guests – These users can utilize any of the links provided in the calendar invite you will have sent out. Webinars work with the desktop client as well as the WebRTC client (and thus on mobile devices).

The Meeting space is consistent with all aspects of an Open meeting, with one primary change in that the camera and microphone controls are replaced with a ‘Hand’ icon.  All attendees start with the camera and microphone disabled, and they are only activated when that user is promoted to Presenter mode by someone with Moderator rights.

Becoming a Moderator

After entering the meeting locate your name in the Meeting Participants list in the left side menu or your video tile in the video tile area. Clicking on the three dot button () and look for a crown () to click on and then enter the moderator code. Other moderators can also promote you to become a moderator.